Friday, 12 February 2010

Strathblane Hills

Up on to the south edge of the Campsies today, Strathblane Hills. We looked at two houses at the foot of these hills before an attack of common sense had us buy a house within easy distance of the vet school... And a very nice house it is too, just 15 minutes south.

The walk out from Strathblane shows Dumgoyne as you might expect around here.

Once you clear the houses the track skirts the lower edge of the rough hillside and the view of the walk shows nicely. An easy one up the left skyline.

On the shoulder of the hills the view north opens up to Ben Lomond, the rest of the Trossachs and the Arrochar Alps. Solid snow above about 2000 feet from the look of it.

I think I could actually see the hills on Arran way off to the south west, that's really the mark of a clear day around here...

There is some snow still in pockets in the Campsies and damned unpleasant walking it makes too, more like packed ice...

The Daniel Stone at the top of Slackdhu

I had originally planned to walk around the full edge to Ballagan and back along the main road, but this grass slope between the crags tempted me and, as I was a little time pressured, bottom scooting was the way down. The route is just to the right of the highest point in the head picture.

The slope faces south west and the wind, bitter on the tops, was northerly so here it was totally sheltered and the moss was warm to the touch. In Strathblane gardens the snowdrops are in flower and the daffodils well above lawn level. Up here nothing is growing yet, but a few more warm days like this and the foxgloves, last year's biennials, will get some new leaves up and working...

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