Friday, 19 March 2010

The Wee Blether

Mel sneaked an afternoon off and we took Daniel's seat out of the MX and headed for the hills. That's Loch Ard, west of Aberfoyle, with Ben Lomond in the background. The rain had missed us!

In the car park of the Wee Blether Tea Room:

Which is this sort of place:

It also has a nice view from the windows and a wide selection of gluten free but (very) high carb cakes! Nice though...

You can get there by boat!

Monday, 8 March 2010

More Spring snowdrifts on the Fells

Snowdrops in Ballagan House gardens. Looks cold, was actually very warm!

I was heading for the moors but the access down to the middle section of the nature reserve looked so easy that I made a detour. This is the upper fall of the section above the Spout. It hasn't rained for ages, the water in the burn is from snow melting:

This was it with greenery last August (in pouring rain!)

Up on the fells there is still quite a lot of snow around

In fact the Ballagan Burn spends quite a bit of its time under a layer of snow!

Crossing the snow bridges is possible but potentially very wet. And, err, cold...

On the walk back to the car I spotted these Lesser Celandine leaves (the ones at the bottom, the upper ones are just some sort of cruciferous plant) in a gap in some dry stone wall by the road. I like Celandines as they are one of the first real Spring flowers to open, if you ignore garden escapes such as Snowdrops and Crocuses, pretty though those are...

Monday, 1 March 2010

Snow and the MX5

Another typical Glasgow day, 1st of March and time to get the soft top down on the MX5

And without playing with the pop-up eyes headlights

Then a quick spin north for a couple of pictures of the Campsies in snow, no time to walk today, an appointment at Sainsbury's this afternoon!

Yes, you do need hat and gloves!