Thursday, 4 February 2010

Northern Campsies

I've been wanting to have a look at the northern edge of the Campsie Fells for some time. Today I got the chance. It was a bit of a grey day in Summerston and you couldn't actually see the Campsies. This usually implies it's raining, but today it was just murky over melting snow from the flurry last night. Roads were clear so I headed north. It was worth it:

I parked at the distillery and things were looking a bit misty from the field you cross from the road to get to the open fells. That's the peak of Dumgoyne showing through the cloud.

Climbing up the fell it became clear that most of the mist was in the valley. That's the neat conical plug of Dumgoyach showing through

A little higher and you get that superb view on to the top of the fog with a brilliant blue sky above it. That sky is so blue. It's quite different from the blue over Heathrow!

Looking back past Dumgoyne. Too blue! With just a little mist still around the peak.

Then you weave through assorted small hills, climbing slowly all the time until you get to the small cairn at the top of Garloch Hill. This is just a selected area from the head picture.

Then back down.

I noticed this rather nice winter tree, even if it is an Ash. Ash trees have such nice jet black leaf buds all Winter. It's a pity they're the last to open in Spring!

The big thing I learned today is don't hill walk in wellies unless you enjoy falling on your @rse in the snow four times during the descent!

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