Thursday, 23 September 2010

Heading South

Well that's it. Pickfords arrive tomorrow and we drive south as soon as the house contents are packed up and we've dropped the keys off at the estate agents. Norfolk and Suffolk are very different to Glasgow and I wouldn't have missed our year up here. But there is a six foot swell forecast for the Norfolk Coast this weekend and my dry suit is about to be ordered...

Monday, 20 September 2010

Last weekend in Laurieston

Final weekend on call in Laurieston just outside Falkirk. This was marked as a weir on the OS map and is pretty well in the middle of a rather grey housing estate. It's nice.

There are paths and a bit of parkland above the gorge giving easy access. A path lets you down to the plunge pool.

and you can scramble over the rocks to the side of the drop

Then went and had a look at the viaduct near Linlithgow.

Lovely late summer sky, could have been Glasgow. There was heavy rain overnight, but not today...