Thursday, 18 February 2010

High Ballagan waterfall

I was out looking for the jasper outcrop on the Campsies above Strathblane. I didn't find it but did stumble on this rather nice little sun trap.

I'd walked out to Ballagan Glen, crossed to the west side and walked up the fence just outside of the reserve. The freezing fog of the last few days is minimal today but some was still hanging about in the valley around Dunglass.

I worked from outcrop to outcrop, looking for the red and yellow band of crystal. No joy. Must be further East. Found lots of nice rock to scramble through though.

In the end I gave up when confronted with a vertical drop with no easy route down, plus the suspicion I was in the wrong place! So up to the open tops via sheep tracks and stream beds. Then down in to the very boring open valley of the Ballagan Burn

Except for this rather nice little waterfall

Up here things only thaw if they get direct sunlight at the moment. The fall gets very little except late in the day

The plunge pool is deep enough to swim in come the summer. Roll on.

Then back down the valley, through the reserve and back to the car in Strathblane for the drive home.

With a stop for some snowdrops I'd noticed the other day. Ballagan House grounds are now carpeted with them but these came out as a rather better image.


  1. Did you ever find an outcrop? went looking myself no joy :(

  2. Nope, I think possibly further North, more directly above Strathblane.... Certainly miss the Campsies!