Saturday, 17 October 2009

Looks promising

And enjoying himself (none of this was set up by me!)

Busy chap

More Summer flowers in October

And yes, the sun does shine in Glasgow

Friday, 16 October 2009

Upper Ballagan Glen in Autumn colours

Friday the 16th of October and nice fresh borage flowers. Summer is late in Glasgow!

We've had a gale and many of the trees in Ballagan Glen have lost their leaves.

The walls of the gorge below the Spout of Ballagan are fossil rich sedimentary. I really must look up the geology of the Campsies. Mixed sedimentary/volcanic.

Looking down in to the gorge, lots more layers!

Today I climbed right to the top of the wildlife reserve then scrambled a few meters down to the burn and sat in the sun for half an hour. No UVB but plenty of infra red. Might not make any D3 but very pleasant. Today was flat calm and not a cloud in the sky and undoubtedly the hottest day since we arrived here at the end of July! This is looking downstream from the top of a fall of about 12 foot in to the main pool here:

Just upstream was a pair of Goatsbeards in flower, Summer trying to hang on for a few days longer!

But in the woods the colours are nice if autumnal.

From the road walk, a very strange looking rock, in total isolation in the middle of a very tidy sheep field.

Up here should have a nice view over Strathblane, I'm thinking ahead to the next walk...

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Upper Campsie Glen

For the Upper Campsie Glen I parked in the main car park on the B road from Lennoxtown to Fintry. There's a good path and stepped descent down to the plunge pool of the first of a series of falls.

After that it's scrambles around each fall and a hint that someone might have walked up the rough grass some time ago once the trees stop!

When the trees stop it's a moorland valley. The B road is high on the right.

Nice flat rock for a picnic:

Tributary valley:

When I got up to where the stream joins the road I found I had actually been walking an "informal route". Very informal methinks, excellent:

Walked back down the road to the car to have a quick look at Jamie Wright's Well

Tastes fine.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Dawsholm Park

I got some meals cooked and frozen for my next on call set of shifts, so it was time for a quick walk yesterday afternoon. I'd noticed this electricity substation supplying the Science Park as I drove by the other day after looking at a house in Summerston (the least rough bit!).

That got me out of the house and so I carried on round through Dawsholm Park, just south of the Garscube Estate and the vet school. Bridge over the Kelvin in the park. Autumn is coming but so far very slowly.

Anything not in active use gets covered in moss pretty quickly. No, it doesn't rain all of the time, but certainly some of it! These are random steps from one bit of derelict tarmac to another in the park...

Round via the Kelvindale Maze

Which turns out to be quite easy when seen from the air:

Though an attempt with a skateboard or in-line skates would require a very accurate and fully up to date train timetable for "stations via Maryhill" before the attempt... Perhaps not!

After that it was a canal walk past the gasometers to have coffee with my wife at Lock 27. Very civilised!

Thursday, 1 October 2009


If you have ever been on the suburban train out of Glasgow Central Low Level station towards Bearsden you will have gone through Anderston station. If you were wondering what you were missing, this is it:

It comes out under the M8, on the northern edge of the Kingston Bridge, as in Rico's "Black Limo".

I was in Anderston as it is one of the closer train stops to the new A&E clinic where I'll be working from now on.

Next to the clinic is the Harley-Davidson centre, which doesn't photograph well, and next to that is the Mitchell Library, viewed here across the M8.

Crossing the M8 then gets you on to Sockie Hall Street (Sauchiehall, don't pronounce it, this is Glasgow!), probably back in to Rico land... Live music is alive and well in Glasgow, mostly in real dives. We've not been to a rock gig since our son was born but these venues look tempting.

Not sure I'd want to live on the Sockie Hall, but an occasional visit would be nice...

EDIT: Forgot to mention the Healthfood shops. There are LOTS! And I don't mean the Noodle Bar in the background!