Thursday, 1 October 2009


If you have ever been on the suburban train out of Glasgow Central Low Level station towards Bearsden you will have gone through Anderston station. If you were wondering what you were missing, this is it:

It comes out under the M8, on the northern edge of the Kingston Bridge, as in Rico's "Black Limo".

I was in Anderston as it is one of the closer train stops to the new A&E clinic where I'll be working from now on.

Next to the clinic is the Harley-Davidson centre, which doesn't photograph well, and next to that is the Mitchell Library, viewed here across the M8.

Crossing the M8 then gets you on to Sockie Hall Street (Sauchiehall, don't pronounce it, this is Glasgow!), probably back in to Rico land... Live music is alive and well in Glasgow, mostly in real dives. We've not been to a rock gig since our son was born but these venues look tempting.

Not sure I'd want to live on the Sockie Hall, but an occasional visit would be nice...

EDIT: Forgot to mention the Healthfood shops. There are LOTS! And I don't mean the Noodle Bar in the background!

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