Saturday, 31 July 2010

Loch Ardinning

Pictures from a few weeks ago, just downloaded from Daniel's camera.

Loch Ardinning is another local wildlife reserve. You head along the gravel path clockwise around the loch from a layby on the Strathblane road.

The path deteriorates in to a narrow moorland footpath about half way round the loch, but still very obvious. There is even a set of steps to lure you on. It was windy by the way!

After that the path is lost in meadowland,

with plenty of Ragged Robin

and a small stile leads you in to near trackless boggy woodland. This is fine as we'd been mostly looking for toadstools, which Daniel is fascinated by, and there were plenty in the wood.

Obviously, being a wildlife reserve, for wildlife, the track then completely disappears and the last kilometre involves carrying Daniel by piggy back through dense marshland wood. Luckily I was the only one bitten by a mossy (part of the wildlife) and it has just about stopped itching now. We found the car.

Bog Asphodel

and the Common Spotted Orchids are, err, common

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