Monday, 8 March 2010

More Spring snowdrifts on the Fells

Snowdrops in Ballagan House gardens. Looks cold, was actually very warm!

I was heading for the moors but the access down to the middle section of the nature reserve looked so easy that I made a detour. This is the upper fall of the section above the Spout. It hasn't rained for ages, the water in the burn is from snow melting:

This was it with greenery last August (in pouring rain!)

Up on the fells there is still quite a lot of snow around

In fact the Ballagan Burn spends quite a bit of its time under a layer of snow!

Crossing the snow bridges is possible but potentially very wet. And, err, cold...

On the walk back to the car I spotted these Lesser Celandine leaves (the ones at the bottom, the upper ones are just some sort of cruciferous plant) in a gap in some dry stone wall by the road. I like Celandines as they are one of the first real Spring flowers to open, if you ignore garden escapes such as Snowdrops and Crocuses, pretty though those are...

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