Monday, 18 January 2010

Ballagan in T shirt weather (January)

Another walk to Ballagan, this time dragging along my son David. As always, the walk from Strathblane and through the grounds of Ballagan House:

having seen from the road that plenty of water is coming down:

Once in to the reserve we dropped straight down to the burn and followed the bank up in to the gorge. This is the unstable sedimentary west bank. We were about 100 yards on from here when the noise of a rockfall echoed round the glen. Impressive. Keep off of the west bank!

An older minor fall had turned this young birch upside down. Not keen on reverse gravity, it soon found its way back upwards!

The excellent well made up footpath demonstrated here. We'd been pushed away from the water by narrow waterfalls and were scrambling round them. Not vertical but a lot steeper than it looks. The white blur through the trees in the background is the stream, about 150 foot below us...

Getting closer to the main falls, which clearly shows as a triple drop here:

The main fall from close to. Worth the scramble.

View back on the scramble out

A minute icicle still here after three warm days. In the deep frost I suspect the Spout was a 60 foot icicle. A sad fact of practicalities that there was no chance to get here then!

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