Friday, 14 August 2009

Ballagan Spout

Ballagan Spout is a waterfall in a Scottish Wildlife Reserve on the edge of the Campsie Fells. It's not like a wildlife reserve in Berkshire. There are no paths. The only semblance of a track is up the fence on the Eastern edge. The valley itself is mostly shoulder deep bracken.

This is the whole of the reserve pretty well.

You can get access, if you are very persistent, to the burn just above the big drop. Careful boulder hopping lets you go downstream...

or upstream

Upstream a few tens of yards gets you to this small waterfall and plunge pool

Downstream you come to the Spout. First drop is about 20 feet, the lower one with the burn disappearing is, apparently, 20m or about 60 feet. You can't get to to sill as far as I can see.

Magical place. Next trip I'll struggle down to the burn at the bottom of the reserve and try walking/scrambling upstream to the Spout.

No car park, no footpaths, no boarded access tracks. Wild. Near Glasgow!

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